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Restore the Appearance and Health of Your Gums  - Laser Gum Bleaching - Los Angeles, CA

Do You Have Dark Gums or Spotted Gums?

For many people, dark gums or spotted gums are an aesthetic problem. Although there is nothing wrong with the gum tissues, they may seem visibly unappealing. In this case, cosmetic laser gum bleaching could be the right answer.

See our gallery of before and after photos to discover how beneficial laser gum bleaching can be.

Why Some Gums Are Brown, Black or Spotted

Gums that are not evenly pink often have deep brown or black spots. More often than not, it is related to your background and heritage. For instance, your parents and siblings may also have darker gums. This is not a medical condition; it merely means that your gums produce more melanin, which causes them to appear dark.

Some people have gums that are a mixture of several shades of pink or brown, leading to a spotted or mottled appearance. Unless there is an underlying factor such as oral cancer or medication-induced gum discoloration, these are harmless occurrences. However, they may still cause embarrassment.

If you are self-conscious about the dark pigmentation of your gums, please contact us today and talk to us about safe, precise laser gum bleaching.

How Laser Gum Bleaching Works

When your gums are hyper-pigmented, they will appear dark rather than evenly pink. Laser gum bleaching gently removes the top layer of the gum tissues, leaving behind tissues that do not have melanin. As the new layer heals, it appears naturally pink.

Laser gum bleaching is available in-house and may involve a mild anesthetic or numbing application, or nothing at all. Many patients report not requiring any pain medication or numbing agent. Immediately after laser gum bleaching, you can go back to your normal routine.

You will return to our office in about two weeks after your laser gum bleaching appointment for a check-up. At this time, we can talk about other cosmetic dentistry desires you may have to improve the way you feel about your mouth.

Could You Be a Candidate for Laser Gum Bleaching?

Laser gum bleaching, like all cosmetic treatments, is perfect for some candidates, but not for others. The best candidates for this type of process are those who:
  • Have dark gums or hyperpigmentation in spots due to naturally-occurring causes, rather than due to oral cancer or another underlying medical condition.
  • Continuously care for their teeth and gums, and have any issues like periodontal disease under control.
  • Have enough gum tissue to support the removal of a thin top layer of gum.
  • Are interested in improving their self-confidence through proven, world-class cosmetic dentistry using safe lasers.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Andrew Satlin, he will evaluate you to determine if laser gum bleaching is the right course of action for your situation. He can also show you the minimally-invasive laser used during this revolutionary treatment, for which he has advanced training.
Please contact our office today to make your appointment, and read reviews from satisfied patients

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